Application Form - Open Call for P2P On-demand support for January-June 2022 (Deadline: Friday, 17 December 2021)

EU TACSO 3 project provides flexible and targeted support to address the needs of CSOs, networks and other civil society actors  etc., in the Western Balkans and Turkey in the framework of its People-to-People (P2P) Programme

The P2P Programme aims to enable the organisation of regional (multi-beneficiary) and national (single beneficiary) events/activities that can take place in any IPA Beneficiary or EU country. The events/activities should strengthen the role of CSOs to actively take part in democratic processes in the Western Balkans and Turkey and support an enabling environment for civil society development. The P2P events should be an opportunity for CSOs in the IPA region to expand their knowledge about the EU  and the accession process through visits to the European Institutions, meetings with EU based CSOs and the opportunity to network internationally and regionally.

P2P On-demand is an online tool that allows access to support for EU TACSO 3 project beneficiaries to organise events/activities. The On-demand tool does not include direct support through a grant but is a mechanism to allow both technical and financial support to the requested events/activities, following an application approval, in the amount up to 4.000 EUR for local events and up to 15.000 EUR for regional. 

The types of activities are listed in the form below.

To apply for the P2P On-demand support, please fill in the Application form.

Important notice:

Make sure you review the Application Form and accompanying documents (budget, agenda) and prepare the answers before filling it in.

The Application Form format does not allow you to save the changes in case you need to interrupt the filling-in and you might, therefore, lose the entered data.

You can use the offline Application Form available here to prepare and then transfer the text in the online form before submission.

Civil Society Organisation: Civil society refers to all forms of social action carried out by individuals or groups who are neither connected to, nor managed by, the State (EUR-Lex Glossary:

Please see attached template for the agenda and fill in as much as precise the content of the sessions in the following document and after upload it –  Agenda format



Please structure the Excel and fill in the anticipated costs you expect to be incurred to organise your event/activity and after upload it – Bugdet format


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